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First Aid Antiseptic Lotion Manuka honey is famous for being the best honey in the world.  Its vast applications make it the most favored method among medical professionals and consumers alike, for a wide spectrum of conditions.  It’s safe, easy to use and causes no negative side effects.  

Manuka honey can be ingested for internal use or applied topically to the skin.  For external use, skin care products that contain Manuka honey can also be favorable.  For example, Honeymark’s First Aid Antiseptic Lotion is ideal for the treatment of bacterial infections.  This product contains natural ingredients that are extremely effective.  

Not all Manuka honey is the same, as some is more potent than others.  Active Manuka honey is optimal for most applications.  Its properties are stable and unaffected by bodily fluids that could otherwise dilute other types of honey.  

Manuka honey comes from New Zealand and is superior to other types of honey for a variety of different reasons.  It is the only honey in the world that is laboratory tested for its levels of phytochemical compounds.  There have also been more research studies done on Manuka honey than any other type of honey, confirming its usefulness.  

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